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Spend Diamonds Wisely


I discovered that the best way to use diamonds is to enlarge slots for production. This way you can grow more plants and grow more animals. What in the future means you also have more diamonds and coins. Remember to always sell at the highest price at RSS, so you …

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Buy for low price then sell for high

Sounds silly, but you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Why would not you earn that way? In the market people often sell things at low prices to sell something fast. This is a great opportunity to buy at a low price and then …

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Orders and Visitors


Well, now that we’ve made a bunch of cool stuff, it’s time to sell it for cold, hard… coins? In Hay Day, the first two ways you’ll learn to sell things are to the Orders board and to Visitors. The Orders board sits just outside your farmhouse, next to where …

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Be Careful Where You Make Space

Hay Day Chicken Head

Use shovels, axes, saws, dynamite and TNT to remove obstacles like trees, stones, or pools, or wait until you get the small boy to buy those items for you. Keep in mind that space on your grassland isn’t as important as space in your Barn or Silo. For these you …

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What’s With All the Cats and Dogs?

Players can get Cats and Dogs using vouchers, which they obtain from completing Boat and Truck orders, harvesting Crops, or from Treasure Boxes. You must first get a Cat or Dog House, and then regularly feed your new pets, with milk for Cats and bacon for Dogs. Every time you …

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Don’t bother with visitors to your farm

Visitors to your farm want to buy your goods, but they typically don’t want to pay a premium for them. So don’t be afraid to say no. They won’t take offense and they’ll come around again soon enough as soon as the mood strikes them. About the only exception I …

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Wheat Hay Day farmers can start growing and harvesting wheat at level 1 Takes two minutes of game time to grow to maturity Great for farming experience points 1 experience point awarded per harvest Corn Hay Day corn is a crop farmers can grow at level 2 Takes 5 minutes …

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Save a Little

It’s very tempting to plant all your crops right away and reap the benefits later. However, it’s recommended that you save at least half of your income. It’s true that you will be able to multiply the production each time you reap, but keeping a backup always comes in handy …

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Unlock and Use Stuff

You want to reach level 7 in a hurry. And to be honest, you can reach it in a fairly short time if you are determined. Reaching level 7 will allow you access to Roadside Shop. This is an excellent way to gain gold and experience. Taking orders with the …

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