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Find and Buy Missing Crops

Hay Day Greg

When a certain kind of crop runs out, just select Greg on your friend’s tab and buy everything in his roadside shop. You can find some tools in his shop that are very cheap. But what if Greg doesn’t have an item that you want? Just visit other people’s farm, …

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Predicting The Future Boat

Hay Day Tom

You can predict the items that you’ll need to complete the shipments in the future. All you have to do is find the delivery boy, tap him and choose the “no thanks” button. The delivery boy will go away and lie down in a field. Then you’ll see a bubble …

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Extra XP Bonus

If you have apple trees and your level is 15 and up, be sure to get the apples because each apple will give you 7 XP. You can find those advertised apples in the paper, visit those people who have that advertisement, and search their farm for rocking trees with …

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How To Make Money – The Cash Grab

If you want oodles of cash, plant wheat and sell it at 1 to get more mats (silo and land expansion) and barn. Expand your silo as much as possible. If necessary, buy 1 coin worth of wheat from people you find in the newspaper, fill it with wheat and …

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How To Get Free Diamonds


Earn free diamonds by leveling up, follow Hay Day on Facebook and link it to your device, enter their contests, completing achievements, open mystery boxes and mining (starts at level 24). Another way to earn diamonds is to look for purple movie tickets that appear in your newspaper and watch …

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