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Expanding Your Silo and Barn

Oh, man. You won’t play this game for 5 minutes without thinking to yourself “How do I expand my Hay Day Silo?” The Hay Day barn is also pretty tiny, but the Silo is particularly bad.

In order to upgrade the Hay Day Silo to hold more crops, you’ll need Nails, Screws, and Wood Panels.These can be found in the red Mystery Boxes, they can also be bought from other people’s Roadside Markets, sometimes you can get them from the Wheel of Fortune, and you can sometimes get them from harvesting crops.

Similarly, in order to upgrade the Hay Day Barn to hold more goods, you’ll need Bolts, Planks, and Duct Tape.These can be found in the same way – Mystery Boxes, Roadside Markets, Wheel of Fortune, or harvesting crops.You can also cheese the system by buying them with diamonds. This is one of the big ways the game milks you for money early, so these items are intentionally hard to find.

Tip Since you can occasionally find these items by harvesting crops, if you plant a lot of fast crops, you’ll get more chances to find them. When you have time to babysit your farm, try planting a lot of Wheat and then harvesting and selling it in your Roadside Market. It’s a slow process, but hey, it’s free!

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