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Orders and Visitors

Well, now that we’ve made a bunch of cool stuff, it’s time to sell it for cold, hard… coins? In Hay Day, the first two ways you’ll learn to sell things are to the Orders board and to Visitors.


The Orders board sits just outside your farmhouse, next to where the delivery truck parks. On it will be up to 9 different orders you can fill. Each one will call for different crops and/or goods. In return, you’ll earn coins and experience. The number next to the “blue star” icon is the amount of experience you’ll gain. Getting experience makes you level up, which unlocks new buildings, crops, animals, and so forth.

Tip Not sure what building you need to make a good for an order? Tap and hold on the good on the orders board and it will tell you where to make it!

Orders on the board that you have the required goods to fill are marked with a green check. If you pick an order and you can fill it, then you can tap the “Truck” icon in the lower right to deliver that order. If you don’t think you want to fill an order, you can tap it and then tap the “trash can” icon to get a new order. This is good for times when the order requires a building you don’t have yet, for example.

Tip Your truck can only do one delivery at a time, but it’s pretty fast about coming back. Once it is back in front of the Orders board, you can send it out again.

If you’re not sure what to produce in your farm, checking the orders board is a good thing to do. Since orders give you both coins and experience, they can be good goals to set in the early game to unlock and build new stuff!


Visitors will approach your farm house from time to time. They will request some amount of one type of good, and they won’t leave until you either give them what they want or tell them they can’t have it.

Visitors aren’t worth nearly as much experience as Orders are. However, they do count towards a set of achievements that award diamonds, so they’re worth talking to nonetheless. They’re also a lot easier to satisfy in some cases.

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