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Rare Items Trick in Hay Day

Rare items are items used to expand or clear your land, upgrade buildings, and work in the mine. Here’s a little known trick to getting rare items fast in Hay Day. You can plant wheat and harvest it every two minutes. So begin planting lots of wheat. For about every 70 fields you grow, you get a rare item.

If you sell off everything but wheat in your inventory, then visitors will only request wheat. The more you have stockpiled, the more they ask for. Just keep selling it to them!

Put your wheat on sale in your roadside shop for a penny, or more if that’s what you want. It will usually sell pretty fast if you put it up there cheap. This allows you to keep room in your silo and keep growing that wheat for more rare items!

Once you’re done with this, go back to making goods, completing missions, and selling a variety in your shop. Just remember the trick if you need to upgrade your buildings, expand your land, or just make money fast! Hay Day’s newspaper is a great place to replenish your stock of seeds too, don’t spend diamonds on them!

orignal link: https://levelskip.com/simulation/How-to-Make-Money-Fast-on-Hay-Day-3-Great-Tricks

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