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Strategies For Wheating & Managing Cream/Sugar

Wheating is a great way to gathering supply materials. This is because every good that you can collect in Hay Day , from crops to lures, generate random supply materials. Because wheating occurs so quickly, this makes wheat the perfect crop to farm if you’re looking for to generate supply materials.

The first thing you will want to do make sure your silo is as you can make it before before starting, hopefully to a capacity of more than 600. Make sure there’s free space at your barn as well, as you can’t get supply items when there’s no way to store the wheat.

Then sell as much as wheat as you can as quickly as you can, making sure to take advantage of your RSS, reusing the wheat to make produce like bread, or selling to your farm’s visitor. Because these visitors ask for two items, grow corn as well. This forum guide goes much more in depth.

If you’re looking to create and keep as much cream and sugar as you can, you will want to plan your production around the produce items that require it. For the Ice Cream Maker machine, make items like Cherry Popsicle and Strawberry Ice Cream because they require the least amount of materials as necessary.

For the Cake Machine focus on creating Potato Feta Cake and Red Berry Cake, as neither items don’t require any cream and sugar at all. And it goes without saying that you will want to have opened as many queues slot as you possibly can to maximize your production levels during downtimes. Assuming you sleep, of course.


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